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We value our client’s opinions here and do all that we can to make your session the most enjoyable! Here’s is some of our awesome clients telling you about their experience!

“The experience of having someone do your makeup and hair alone was a great experience. Being in front of the camera was a wonderful experience for me who isn’t used to it. I felt comfortable and the process from beginning to end was super easy. Very professional experience”

– Crystal

“Ashley did maternity boudoir pictures for me when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I have never felt more beautiful in my own skin. She made it so fun and helped me with poses, looks, and the “feel” of the pictures. We had a blast going through my pictures, picking which frames I wanted to keep, and she was so patient the whole time. If you’re on the fence about boudoir, or feel you’re not the right “type”, Ashley is the girl to have this experience with. All bodies are beautiful, and this is a way to highlight it.”

– Rachel

“Ashley did my boudoir photos for me before I began chemotherapy for breast cancer. She listened to the types of poses I wanted and was very very respectful of my comfort level- or lack thereof. By the end of the session, I was relaxed, having a great time and didn’t want the session to end. I felt very empowered. Ashley listens and reminds you how beautiful we all are. I am so proud of my photos and my husband was speechless!”

– Brenda

“My boudoir session with Ashley was awesome – from the first moment I stepped into her studio, I felt welcome and comfortable. She gave me gentle tips for posing during the shoot, but she totally let me be myself, and the photos really show it – she captured my personality and helped me embrace my sexiness. Plus she’s hilarious and knows to make her clients smile and ease any nervousness. I’ve done several more shoots with her, and plan to do several more!”

– Aimee

“Ashley is awesome!! I was super scared to do a boudoir photo shoot because I feel like I am judged but the moment I met Ashley we were laughing, joking and she made the mood just fun! I went to her for my first shoot and had a blast and now I got to do a shoot with her for her rebranding and we had so much fun! I’m super bummed that she is relocating in a few months but if any one has the chance to go see her before then…. GO !!!”

– Whitney

I had such a wonderful time at my shoot with Ashley. She put me immediately at ease and had such great tips for posing and outfits. All of my photos were amazing and it was hard narrowing them down. Can’t wait to do it again! And use any of my photos for reviews!!”

– Jess

” I’ve been friends with Ashley for years and she’s such a positive and encouraging person, so I knew when I wanted to try a boudoir session (to see what it was like to be on the other side of the camera) I had to go to Ashley! As a photographer myself, I’ve always been drawn to Ashley’s style and abilities, and she delivered some awesome sauce work. She made me feel super comfortable even though I was a little nervous and it was really great to understand what our clients feel like when they get photographed. It is NERVE WRACKING but Ashley pops on some great tunes and makes you feel slay the whole time.”

– Adrian

“I had said something to my fiancee about wanting to see what it would be like to do a pinup thing so he looked up some companies around Richmond that do that sort of thing. Right from the beginning, he had a good feeling about this place, Ashley was easy to get in touch with and seemed more interested in setting me up with a photoshoot! I was super nervous because like all ladies (of all shapes and sizes), I have my insecurities! As soon as we walked in, Ashley was helpful, funny, yet professional! Getting my hair and makeup done and putting on a cute vintage style outfit made me feel super special and sexy. It was great to go to one place and get everything done from start to finish. Ashley got some AMAZING shots and made me so comfortable in my own skin, which doesn’t happen to often. It was an amazing experience and I would be proud and confident to suggest her to anyone looking to get high quality and beautiful photos done, of any type, even if you might be a little nervous about how a boudoir shoot would go! Now my fiancee has some great photos that we can remember such a fun experience together!”

– Jennifer

“I had a blast at my shoot! I’m not a super girly girl but I felt comfortable right from the start. Ashley put on some music, we chatted about the look I was going for & she definitely helped me achieve it. This was the most relaxed & fun shoots I have ever done. I felt sexy & confident. 10/10 would work with Ashley again!”


“I am bigender and I’m only out to those with whom I am closest. Boudoir has long been appealing to me but every time I thought about it I became discouraged and felt it wasn’t for someone like me.
Last summer Pink Photography came up as a suggestion on Groupon. I read the reviews, and noticed that one of the reviews was left by someone with a male name. I didn’t know if they were bigender like me, genderqueer, gender fluid, or maybe a guy posing for the male take on boudoir, but his positive experience convinced me to possibly give this dream a shot.
With quite a bit of nervousness I called Ashley and asked if she worked with people who are trans or those who otherwise fall outside the gender binary. She enthusiastically assured me that she would be happy to work with me and that she shot models like me before. I was put at ease and bought the Groupon immediately after we hung up.
Over the next few days Ashley patiently, and happily, answered every question that I had. She assured me that it was going to be a lot fun and that she would be helping to show just how sexy I am. Everything felt so positive that I decided to do what I wanted to all along. I got the two look package by paying the difference.
The day of the shoot was amazing! Ashley made me feel so comfortable and I was amazed at how easily the posing came. She knew just how to communicate what she needed from me.
I was single at the time and did this shoot for myself. I now have a girlfriend and she loves my photos. She is eagerly awaiting the day I do my next shoot because it will be for her!
Ashley is a great artist and she has such a warm heart. For anyone, regardless of gender, wondering if a boudoir shoot is for them, you can trust me when I say it most certainly is! ”


“I’m one of those people whose not comfortable in their own skin and I had a really hard time wrapping my head around doing this for my husband for our wedding. And I will tell you at the end this was the most amazing experience I felt so comfortable I felt so happy with the pictures and I would definitely not only do it again but also recommended it to others.”

– Yvonne

“I do need to let the world know…do this…have this experience for yourself or with a partner. Ashley and Marina are nothing short of fabulous at what they do. I did my shoot as a surprise for my husband and actually had him join in. I say this in truth…my most prized tangible possession is my beloved canvas that hangs over my bed. Do this people, its fun, fabulous, sensual, and liberating. Much love to Ashley-Mari and Marina. By the way it was hard to keep this as a review, could have written a fab short story.”

– Amy

“Amazing! My experience was above and beyond! Not only was a super comfortable throughout the whole process, the pictures were breathtaking. I’m blown away by the quality, creativity, and attention to detail that Mari brought to the process. Thank you!!!”


“The best boudoir experience hands down!! There’s a reason I keep coming back for more 😍


“I love working with Mari! She has such a unique eye and editing style, and always delivers amazing photos. I love looking at her work, whether it’s been with me or not. Personally I have shot with Mari about 4 times, and she is so great at making you feel comfortable and confident.”
“I love getting the opportunity to shoot with Sound Snap! Ashley is always down to help me bring my ideas to life, she is also incredibly efficient and shoots, processes and delivers photos faster than I ever would expect! Her personality is so down to earth and easy going it just feels like hanging out with your girlfriend.”
“I absolutely loooooooove sound snap. I did a mini boudoir session back in October and I fell in love. Not only do you feel comfortable (which let’s be real can be hard to feel half naked with strangers hahaha!), but also you feel so empowered by the atmosphere. Pricing is reasonable, and the end product is outstanding. Would definitely recommend for not only boudoir, but other sessions in the future as well!”
“Where do I even start? Ash is the best. I randomly came across a photo she had taken of another Richmond, VA trainer and after being absolutely mesmerized, I knew I had to work with her if I ever had the chance. Lucky for me she comes back to shoot in Richmond a couple of times a year and I always make sure to grab a spot. You’ll feel instantly comfortable shooting with her. You’ll be having such a blast you won’t even realize you’re getting the most amazing pictures of you ever. Go ahead. Let her make you feel like a goddess. 10/10 can not recommend enough.”