Honey Drip

   This concept was Destinee’s but of course I had to put my own sort of spin on the iconic Honey drip shoot. I wrote a beautiful poem inspired by the imagery we created and the irony of how we take our own worth for granted sometimes.

Being on the west coast has ignited a burning interest in what I need to do to create. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such talent and getting to explore our own realms of creativity together. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did creating them. If you would like to check out more of my poetry you can find it here Regular Jane .

Honey Drip

I cry tears of honey,
Sticky and sweet,
They aren’t filled with sorrow,
But remorse for you,
How you will never taste the sweet nectar,
That my love holds,
My soft honey pot has the secrets of creation,
The rise and fall of domination,
Lips of temptation,
I drip with melted sugar down my cheeks,
Tantalizing them with my sweets,
Embracing my own essence,
But Don’t touch. -AML

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High by the Beach

I met Juniper a couple years ago back in Virginia, and how funny it is that we meet again on the west coast! This beach bunny has lived in some pretty stellar beach towns and glistens near the water.

This shoot was all by random twist of fate, when we met up earlier that day for a clothing shoot with The Pretty Cult at the Old LA Abandoned Zoo.

I was heading to Malibu to do a surprise proposal shoot on the beach with a lovely couple from out of town when I was trying to figure out the perfect cover-up. That is when Juniper was like I’ll go to the beach! So we packed our bags and headed out! There were tons of photographers on this beach already and the couple hadn’t arrived yet, so we put our sneaky plan in action.

We set-up a staged Beach Bikini shoot with Juniper rockin’ Not Your Average Babe Co.  Mary Jane Suit. While we stealthily lurked for the happy couple we took this set of fire photos. I happily named this set “High by the beach” for Juniper’s and I’s love of Lana Del Ray. So if anyone wants to know if I do beach boudoir… here’s your proof 😉 Also the proposal shoot went perfect as well. All around good day 🙂

And BIG CONGRATS TO Miss SaintJJune for BECOMING A SUICIDE GIRL! Go follow her pages and links here!