The Devil Does Pole – Butter and Filth Session

Hannah being her artsy creative self wanted to do a session that was kinda out of the box, and wanted to incorporate her new skills she had been learning at Butter and Filth a badass duo of pole working ladies, empowering the Greater Richmond Area. Of course I had to oblige!

Hannah wore this PVC Delightful Devil Suit while suspending herself in mid air for the the magical pole tricks I could capture. We had Nia (the filth of Butter and Filth) put on some sexy tunes, to create the mood for the pole flow!

Hannah as you can tell isn’t shy in front of a camera and this definitely wasn’t her first rodeo. She has been a model, artist, aerialist, hooper, and now pole extraordinaire for years! I always admired her confidence in whatever creative endeavor she would embark on and I can’t wait to see what other cool tricks she pulls along the way!

If you want to get glammed up and learn what she does make sure you head on over to and check out their classes you won’t regret it, I promise 😉

We’re Changing our Name!

As some of you awesome people that follow our Facebook page already have seen is that we are changing our NAME! Yes! We have been under Sound Snap Photography for about 3 years now but now we will be diminishing the Pink name and switching everything over to Sound Snap.

This will be Sound Snap Boudoir! But you will still be able to use Pink links to get to us so don’t distress! This is for the good with fully embracing the Sound Snap brand we will be able to bring you more amazing products, services, and a moodier more sultry vibe.

Also ANOTHER STUDIO LOCATION! Yes. We are going national kids! How awesome is that?! We will be opening a studio space sometime next year in JOSHUA TREE CALIFORNIA! For our Virginia Clients don’t stress! We will be here for you guys! But we will also be traveling to locations and doing destination boudoir sessions! A lot of big changes but all of them are good!

We are excited for our rebrand and to make this cross country journey! It will be a blast! The one things that won’t is YOU, we love creating beautiful images, empowering our clients and giving you the experience of a LIFETIME! So Thank you for going on this next leg of our journey with us! It can only get better from here!

Shopping Guide for our Curvy Clients

So me being a curvy lady myself I have always had a hard time finding clothes, let alone lingerie to fit my full figure and look flattering, so I put in the time search the interwebs, did polls, went shopping and tried on, looked for deals on lingerie. These are some of my findings! Some are local to Richmond, VA and some are online! Once we come up with our additional location in California I will further explore all the beautiful stores out there! (CAN YOU TELL I AM EXCITED?!)

Well I am also a budget shopper, I love the lavish things in life but I know what my wallet likes as well. So I have a couple budget options for you lovely ladies!

$10-$50 Range

$50-$150 Range

$150- Above Range

So, lately I am so excited that Forever 21  and Charlotte Russe have embraced that not everyone is a size zero(nothing wrong with that! Everyone is beautiful at any shape and size! It’s just always been a challenge for plus size women finding cute clothes!) lately and widened their shopping selection to us big gals.

I have found some AMAZING! Bodysuits at both of these places for under $30! I even wore one suit for my own Boudoir Session in the desert!

We used to have an American Apparel Store in Richmond Down in Carytown but it closed last year. Before they closed I hit up their clearance section for Body Suits! I got this cute simple black suit for about $12 ( probably about $30 not on sale!) But it fit wonderfully I am a size 16 and this suit was a large, and it fit! I should have gotten and XL but they were out but it did the job and was super stretchy! You can also look at our local Sex Shops Priscilla McCalls and Taboo.

For online shopping I tried the awesome I have gotten a few cute bra and panty sets, bathing suits and cute PJ sets for all under $40!

Another one of my favorites with affordable cute lingerie is CHEAP UNDIES! We carry some of their awesome products in studio ALL the time in a variety of sizes, they also carry mens underwear as well!, , has also been another popular place online.

Well if looking for middle ground on lingerie I have found so many amazing bralette and panty sets at Torrid. I shop there on the regular and love their brand so much!

I have also found cute sets, corsets, and high waisted panties at Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart.

Now if you have a little bit more to splurge and want some high quality goodness some awesome shops to check out in Richmond would be Kiss and Makeup off Patterson, Ruth will make sure you are wearing the right size bra and style to fit your ever day needs and you nightly goals. Blythe in short pump has some of the most couture plus size lingerie I’ve seen in Richmond!

Online I have found Love Child Boudoir which has some awesome body cages for all sizes!

Moldie Goldies is amazing for custom Lingerie, she makes every piece herself so there is a wait but it is SOOOO WORTH IT. Her pieces are beautiful, one of kind and stunning! 

Fredericks of Hollywood also has a awesome plus size collection too!

So I hope this guide helps you find some amazing pieces for your session, and there is so much out there now a days and sometimes it just takes someone putting in the work to find it for yah!

We also offer shopping consults! $50 to add it on to your session and we TAKE YOU SHOPPING! You give us a budget and we help you stay within it! So there is that option as well!