We’re Changing our Name!

As some of you awesome people that follow our Facebook page already have seen is that we are changing our NAME! Yes! We have been under Sound Snap Photography for about 3 years now but now we will be diminishing the Pink name and switching everything over to Sound Snap.

This will be Sound Snap Boudoir! But you will still be able to use Pink links to get to us so don’t distress! This is for the good with fully embracing the Sound Snap brand we will be able to bring you more amazing products, services, and a moodier more sultry vibe.

Also ANOTHER STUDIO LOCATION! Yes. We are going national kids! How awesome is that?! We will be opening a studio space sometime next year in JOSHUA TREE CALIFORNIA! For our Virginia Clients don’t stress! We will be here for you guys! But we will also be traveling to locations and doing destination boudoir sessions! A lot of big changes but all of them are good!

We are excited for our rebrand and to make this cross country journey! It will be a blast! The one things that won’t is YOU, we love creating beautiful images, empowering our clients and giving you the experience of a LIFETIME! So Thank you for going on this next leg of our journey with us! It can only get better from here!

Shower Boudoir Sessions July 14-15th


Last month in our private group on Facebook CLICK HERE (which you should join BTW!) we released a mini-shower boudoir session. I rented a beautiful room at Aloft and we had clients meet us there and WOW it was amazing! We got some beautiful images and we had such a huge response we decided to DO IT AGAIN and adding a bath bomb option!

So here are the details on how you can get in on this EXCLUSIVE DEAL!

Email us! Ashley@pink-photography.com

What you get

$100 Shower Session

30 Minute Session

5 High Resolution Images with Print Release

Online Ordering Gallery

$250 Bath Bomb Session

1 Hour Session

8 High Resolution Images with Print Release

Hair and Makeup Done by Marina Blayce of Hair Dare RVA

Online Ordering Gallery

For Couples it is no additional cost! Unless you both want Hair and Makeup!

If you would like to add on a mini boudoir session as well it’s only $100! and includes 5 High Resolution Images as well!

So message us today to secure your spot for this awesome session deal!

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Temptress Tuesday – Tricia

IMG_8897Tricia is our Honorary first Client Temptress Tuesday! She decided to go with a sweet, whimsical feel to her session.
TriciaSo after this fun light-hearted session Tricia sat down to tell us about her experience with Ashley/Mari of Pink Photography.

           “Ashley made me feel sexier than I ever have before and gave me confidence I didn’t think I had. I had never done a boudoir shoot before, so I was nervous, but after seeing myself in her photos I could almost cry. This experience was phenomenal and I would do it over and over again if given the chance!” – Tricia, Client of Pink Photography and our first Client Temptress Tuesday!


IMG_8852 IMG_8856 IMG_8862 IMG_8865

So Don’t you want to give it a try?!

$350 Session


Hair and Make-up Services

One Look Custom Session of your choosing

4 High Res Digital Images

and a 10 image 3×5 Album!

Valued at over $500!!!

Book your session today at info@pink-photography.com


Don’t know if Boudoir is for you?


Gif by Artist PalinOptika

So I get a lot of clients who are super excited about booking a shoot, then all of a sudden after I send the hello email, and the questionnaire, they get cold feet.

I’ve heard every reason from I just need to lose these last ten pounds to my hair color isn’t right,etc. But I am here to tell you the secret to find out if you really are meant for a Boudoir Session, just answer these questions down here! (Answer Honestly Guys)

  1. Do you have a body?
  2. Do you want to feel good about yourself?
  3. Do you like to have fun?

Well if you answered YES to these questions then, YOU ARE SO READY for a boudoir session! Boudoir, is for EVERYONE (over the age of 18 of course), skinny, tall, curvy, young, old, any race, gender, and sexual orientation. It shows you, how beautiful or handsome truly you are! It is meant to be empowering, helps you to accept your body, and self love (also to remind your significant other how lucky they are, or if you are single to remind yourself how fierce you truly are!).

This is Ashley/Mari whatever you would like to call me speaking here. I want you to know that I have been the insecure, need to lose ten pounds girl before. I’ve been the one who’s made the excuse to not get in front of the camera, because I was afraid of the outcome. I didn’t realize how unhealthy, it really was until I finally took the plunge and went in full steam ahead! Doing this for a living, I never understood why so many people, men and women, would get scared before a session, so I decided I needed to understand this by doing it myself. I booked a FULL NUDE session YES FULL NUDE, artsy boudoir session with an amazing Artist PalinOptika (www.palinoptika.com), because let’s be real here if I am going to do this right I am going to go all out.


Photos by Artist PalinOptika

So I show up for my shoot, hair & makeup already done before I got there and that is when the nerves kicked in. I was about to be in front of a complete stranger showing all of me, we had corresponded through email a few times, he came highly regarded by good friends of mine so I knew I was in safe hands, but I wasn’t worried about him, I was worried about me. Was I going to hate what he saw through that lens? I had gained a whopping 90lbs in the past year and had grown really insecure with my body, Andy (ArtistPalinOptika) didn’t know that but I did. All I could think about is how fat, I am and if he’s gonna think I’m fat, blah blah blah. You know the always evil devil on your shoulder. I wanted to get back into the car, and drive home, to forget this crazy plan I had to do this shoot. Alas, Andy came to greet me, the air changed, he was so open, relaxed, and totally cool. Perk of working with a photographer, when you are one is you get gear envy and talk shop, so for the fact that I was fully naked didn’t matter at all. We laughed, shared stories, he was so body positive, inviting, and patient with all of my insecurities. After the session, we said our goodbyes, headed home, living off the euphoric high and feeling down right awesome. A couple weeks later I get the email with my images, and I was in a state of shock. For a second I thought he sent me someone else’s! I was like damn, who’s that sexy lady?! Those 90 extra pounds did nothing to my self esteem when I saw what was coming out of that camera. We are our harshest critics, and sometimes it takes looking through someone else’s eyes to really appreciate who we are. So thank you Andy for that!

But back to what I was saying, I understood the insecurities and fears that are wrapped around the idea of being that vulnerable in front of the camera. I’m here to tell you don’t sweat it! You ate some pound cake the night before your session? NO problem come as you are and I know you are gonna be FABULOUS. Cat scratched your arm? We can get that out for you! We promote body positivity here, we love you how you are, and your lover does too! We are here to build you up not break you down! My whole view on this is, I want YOU to see YOU how I SEE YOU (I know that’s a lot of you’s!). I think everyone is beautiful and sometimes we get so caught up in what society wants us to be that we forget to be kind to ourselves. So Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here to tell you YOU ARE ALL SEXY BEAUTIFUL CREATURES! Come see us and we will show how AWESOME you really are! Also if you have time, go check out www.artistpalinoptika.com, he’s amazing creative man!

-love and light-

Ash/Mari 🙂Artist PalinOptika

Gif By Artist PalinOptika