Halloween Mini Sessions in Richmond,Virginia! 2019

So I have been doing these awesome mini themed sessions for the past two years now and they seem to be a BIG hit, we started with our steamy showers sessions, our summertime pool sessions and we did 3 HALLOWEEN Minis last year at a awesome remote location!

This year I am bringing spooky back with our mini halloween sessions! We will be having them October 19th-20th at a super spooky location! Alright I guess I can tell you! It’s an old 1800’s haunted school house!

It isn’t abandoned owned by a nice little lady and SHE HAS GIVEN US exclusive usage just for our sessions! So as a thank you for her we are donating some of the proceeds of the shoot to her renovations of the beautiful building!

Last year we had a spooky cemetery set up, this year were going full on spooky ghost abandoned haunted house feel. We will have SMOKE Bombs again! Only outdoor usage of course!

These sessions will include smoke bombs, 8 HIGH RES IMAGES more than our normal mini’s, SPX makeup, and online gallery to purchase from for the super steal deal of $250($200 without makeup!) ! We have limited spaces so you will want to book fast! To get in on this deal that’s too good to be true! Each session is 45 minutes of hauntingly delighted GORE! Why are you still reading this? CONTACT US NOW!

Pool Boudoir Sessions- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH TO ME!

Hey ya’ll. It’s LEO SEASON!!! AKA THE BEST SEASON! BECAUSE THAT’S RIGHT. I WAS BROUGHT IN TO THIS Beautifulย  WORLD BRINGING YOU ALL THE SEXINESS! (You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰ So to celebrate this momentous month I am doing an awesome mini-session just fit for a Queen or King of the jungle ๐Ÿ™‚ We are doing a POOL BOUDOIR MINI SESSIONS!

One of our awesome clients has a stunning in-ground pool in Prince George, VA, super private wooded area. They have offered to have there all day for sessions! We are offering Day and Night Sessions for just $100! How crazy is that?! Yeah well happy birthday to me!

So here how this goes.

EMAIL US, say you want in on this! We have limited space so the SOONER the better ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shoot is August 26th 1pm-10pm are the time-slots available!

$100 Session Inlcudes

30 Minute Session

5 High Res Images

Online Ordering Gallery

You can add additional look on for $100 or a 30 Second Teaser Video for $50.

We will release address once pay-pal invoice is paid and send you off details! I am so excited guys! I went and checked out the pool and this is going to be KILLER! We have awesome floats of the mystical kind, neon lights, tiki torches, and other fun things for nighttime shoots! This will be a blast!

So email Ashley@soundsnapphotography.com If you want to schedule a time!

WE CAN’T WAIT TO SPLASH around with you!


Your trusty Lioness

Ash/Mari ๐Ÿ˜‰