Cabin Fever – A Male Boudoir Session

Nothing is better than getting cozy under some warm blankets in the dead of winter in a cute little cabin. I am always telling my clients boudoir is for everyone. It isn’t about feminine or masculine beauty, it is about the beauty in accepting who you are and your body in the form that it is.

I love doing male boudoir sets, because many men don’t think they can be sensual, sexy or beautiful in such a delicate form of photography. That is where I step in. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

This set is a raw, intimate, and vulnerable. The smiles and laughs exchanged in between shots, created such ease in the whole experience. This happened to be a friend of mine and it was his first time in front of the camera. The adventurous mountain man he is, I only saw it fit for his first boudoir session to be in a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. After a fun weekend of hiking and wandering Dragon’s Tooth, we settled in for this awesome cabin in the woods, on a outdoor survival camp.

The dark and moody cabin with only soft light from the small windows set a beautiful stage for the imagery we came up with. See guys? Boudoir is for everyone even long haired hippie mountain men. No excuses 🙂

Shower Boudoir Sessions July 14-15th


Last month in our private group on Facebook CLICK HERE (which you should join BTW!) we released a mini-shower boudoir session. I rented a beautiful room at Aloft and we had clients meet us there and WOW it was amazing! We got some beautiful images and we had such a huge response we decided to DO IT AGAIN and adding a bath bomb option!

So here are the details on how you can get in on this EXCLUSIVE DEAL!

Email us!

What you get

$100 Shower Session

30 Minute Session

5 High Resolution Images with Print Release

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$250 Bath Bomb Session

1 Hour Session

8 High Resolution Images with Print Release

Hair and Makeup Done by Marina Blayce of Hair Dare RVA

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For Couples it is no additional cost! Unless you both want Hair and Makeup!

If you would like to add on a mini boudoir session as well it’s only $100! and includes 5 High Resolution Images as well!

So message us today to secure your spot for this awesome session deal!

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