Barbarella Desert Sesh

This session was so much fun, Devon and I were up with the sun, wandering around the luscious green desert in early months of spring. When she told me she wanted some Mad Max/ Barbarella vibes I was totally vibing with it.

Joshua Tree National Park is a wonder and every place in that 1500 sq Mileage is different. It gives a very extraterrestrial vibe, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I have an alien hit me up asking for a boudoir session.

Dealing with harsh lighting, crazy heat indexes we made this set look flawless and easy. Taking shelter between 1000 year old stones and rocks, and Devon laugh echoing through. I love having my creativity and skill-sets challenged. This was one of those times, and we crushed it.

Merbae- Lottie Ellington

         Lottie has been one of my clients, colleagues, and friends for a few years now. I always love creating with her and she was one of my first clients to fully embrace me taking on photography full time. We work together once a year and she always has some cool concept for a costume she has created for one of her routines. Lottie has been a prominent fixture in the Richmond Burlesque Community for years, she is talented teacher of the arts along with being one of the coolest and creative performers in this community. As you guys have probably figured out I work a lot within the burlesque community because I used to be a performer myself. Even though I have popped my pasties in to retirement, I give to my fellow  burly girls in other ways.

When Lottie came to me with her Mermaid act I was like this will be awesome, A I love mermaids, and B SHE HAS A TAIL! I have done some awesome mermaid shoots on beaches before and I love them but for Lottie we had to do something eccentric to fit her.  That’s when she told me she made her own underwater ecosystem! The coolest coral reef, I’d ever seen. I wasn’t joking when I said she was creative!

With this look we decided to do a more Pin-up/Burlesque inspired theme. Using seamless paper to create that underwater floor, and a bubble machine for the water effect. It was such a blast creating this shoot I hope you enjoy as much as we did creating it!

And if you have time go check out this Act in person when Lottie performs!

Want to learn burlesque? Click here to take classes with Lottie! 

Cross Country Realization

For Winter holiday I decided to take a cross country trip to finish an art project , I had been working on for about 5 years. It was time to turn my life around and finally complete this pet project. I wanted to shoot the last end of it in Joshua Tree California one of my favorite places on earth. I am a desert babe at heart and I love it there so so much. So I packed my dogs, and two of my girlfriends and we started the trip of a lifetime! This adventure was far from perfect but it was one of those trips where you figured out where you going and accept your past. My project, “My Goodbye Letter to You” was a poem I wrote on men and women from ages 20-70. I shot over and again, in many places and the ideas kept changing I kept finding deeper meaning in it. This project started off as a break-up poem about an on-off again abusive relationship I was in, and just recently cut the cord of permanently in April of 2017.

I have stayed in situations far past the expiration date because love is suppose to conquer all right? Well when love is one-sided it doesn’t, and if someone doesn’t love themselves it doesn’t. Feeling alone and in a vulnerable state I decided to reach out to people and ask them about their bad break-ups and how they overcame them. Then I asked them to share their stories, then my words painted on their bodies. It was beautiful so many people poured it all out, showing scars and all. This connected me to these people in a way I never thought I could and brought me to a place where I can finally heal. We did an art show in January after we finished the project and we had over 300 people come out and it was beautiful night. But Just like me I wander from the point, ha-ha. That’s why we went to California, but to bring this full circle we got to enjoy exploring the sites! We went to Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea, Joshua Tree National Park, Los Angeles, and made a crazy night trip to Las Vegas. We explore our realms of doing outdoor desert boudoir and I wanted to share some of our images 🙂 It inspired me so much that I want to open my own studio out there! (more details later this year on that 😉

Nothing happens as we plan it. But you have to make the best of it, don’t let the hard times get you down, learn from them.

So what I have to say to you guys. Take the trip. Do the project. Accept people for who they are. Don’t be afraid to love again. Let go of what no longer serves. And try to be present as much as you possible can. LIVE.


Your newly spiritually renewed Desert High Priestess Goddess

Mari Lo (or Ashley lol)

Temptress Tuesday – Desert Vixen

IMG_1636-2                  Temptress Tuesday- Desert Vixen- Michelle – Anyone who knows me personally knows my love for California, the desert, and stoner rock music. I have acquired amazing friends over the years who share this same lust for the desert, music, and californication that I do.


A couple weeks ago I had the awesome pleasure of doing a boudoir shoot in Yucca Valley with the lovely Michelle. This was her first time doing a boudoir shoot and we catered it to her personality, she rocked a Mojave Lords T-shirt with the phrase “unfuckwithable”, and ended the night in beautiful see through overlay with a cool ass cage bra.


Michelle had a blast posing with Joshua trees hanging out in the desert , watching the night sky, and the amazing airbnb we stayed was killer with its antiques, swamp cooler, and creepy mannequins. This shoot was fit for a desert rocker themselves!



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LOCATION: Thunderbird Lodge and Retreat in Yucca Valley, CA