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Boudoir Shoot Questionnaire

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4 thoughts on “Boudoir Shoot Questionnaire

  1. Im so so excited about this. Extremely important to me, for i will actually be going to hospital the following day to have a heart cathertazation due to ongoing heart issues. I have made arrangements with Ashley for my husband to be in one shot at the end of my shoot. I have also sent Ashley some sample pics for the artistic direction i want these pics to go. Im all in and looking forward to you all planning something fantastic!😍

  2. Erin Dasher says:

    I am so excited about this, yet rather reserved and shy at the same time. My fiance doesn’t know I’m doing this, it will be a big surprise as his wedding gift on our wedding day. He always says I’m beautiful and sexy, yet because I am on the plus size I have a hard time liking my body and accepting the fact that I am beautiful. So I’m hoping that by doing this for my fiance It will help me see the sexiness and beauty that he raves about.

  3. I’m from VA and I’ve admired Mari’s work for a while. I love her artistic viewpoint, and even the struggles she sometimes shares on social media. I admire her conviction, strength, and mission statement. Her work shows respect for her subjects along with an ability to capture beauty, sensuality, power, vulnerability, personality in a realistic yet dream-like way.

    Originally, I wanted to book a couples shoot, but as my romantic status changed, I now want to celebrate the woman I am before I wilt away. One day, I will be (more) old and wrinkly and I want to celebrate my current form.

  4. Amazing! My experience was above and beyond! Not only was a super comfortable throughout the whole process, the pictures were breathtaking. I’m blown away by the quality, creativity, and attention to detail that Mari brought to the process. Thank you!!!

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