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2020 Goodbye Hello 2021!!!

As you have probably noticed that we weren’t really active on here in 2020. A lot happened personally in my life last year along with the global pandemic. I spent a lot of time healing and reassessing where I was going with my career along with life in general. Challenges are always welcomed for growth but it doesn’t mean it’s not gonna hurt getting there. Being told you aren’t essential and your way of living cannot exist can be hard. But along with that being said it helped to really take in account of what truly matters. The people you surround yourself with, the love you give yourself, and the growth to become better along the way is what counts. Last year was hard, and I had to grow more than I knew, but I also realized how much love I had surrounding me even in tough times. Sometimes when we are hurting we forget how much love and support we have around us. The pandemic and the challenges I faced last year made me humble in so many ways, by seeing how many amazing people I have in my life. I won’t bore you with details from my personal life, but know I needed the break just as much as the world did.

2021 is bringing so much light and love to my life, stoked to share it with all of you! We will FINALLY be opening our JOSHUA TREE BOUDOIR STUDIO! I have secured a location, we are starting renovations and should hopefully open by spring 2021! With that exciting news I am also welcoming MY FIRST HUMAN BABY into this world in the next couple weeks. So 2020 wasn’t all bad 😉 I am going to be a single business woman Mom raising a beautiful badass of a little girl. We will also be making our rounds to our awesome and loyal Richmond, VA clients this year again in April,May,and September! Bringing our annual Mini Boudoir Sessions, Butter&Filth Sessions, and Halloween Boudoir sessions back as well! Life throws us curve balls at times but I am getting better at catching them. Thank you all for the ongoing support and love this community has brought my family and all the beautiful friends I’ve made doing what I love! I cannot wait to create more beauty and excitement with you in the future! Here’s to new beginnings and healing!


Mari aka Ash

2020 was the change we needed not the one we wanted. Let's celebrate 2021!
Iceland March 2020

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