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The Pretty Cult partners with Sound Snap Boudoir!

So as you might have seen from our Sound Snap Photo instagram feed that we have been working with The Pretty Cult for a minute now.

Well now you will get to reap the benefits from our partnership! If you want in to the cult don’t worry you won’t have to drink the cool-aid to make it in. EXCLUSIVE deal just for our clients, you can use COUPON CODE: Sound Snap Photo on their website for 20% off any MERCH! How cool is that?!

We have our awesome halloween sessions coming up and if you are looking for something spooky or gothy to wear for your session, this is the time to get it now! Those HAIL LILLITH Shirts are the Be sure to keep a look-out for new merch coming too, and any Charmed fans?! They have some new Charmed designs!

Coupon Code: SoundSnapPhoto


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