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Merbae- Lottie Ellington

         Lottie has been one of my clients, colleagues, and friends for a few years now. I always love creating with her and she was one of my first clients to fully embrace me taking on photography full time. We work together once a year and she always has some cool concept for a costume she has created for one of her routines. Lottie has been a prominent fixture in the Richmond Burlesque Community for years, she is talented teacher of the arts along with being one of the coolest and creative performers in this community. As you guys have probably figured out I work a lot within the burlesque community because I used to be a performer myself. Even though I have popped my pasties in to retirement, I give to my fellow  burly girls in other ways.

When Lottie came to me with her Mermaid act I was like this will be awesome, A I love mermaids, and B SHE HAS A TAIL! I have done some awesome mermaid shoots on beaches before and I love them but for Lottie we had to do something eccentric to fit her.  That’s when she told me she made her own underwater ecosystem! The coolest coral reef, I’d ever seen. I wasn’t joking when I said she was creative!

With this look we decided to do a more Pin-up/Burlesque inspired theme. Using seamless paper to create that underwater floor, and a bubble machine for the water effect. It was such a blast creating this shoot I hope you enjoy as much as we did creating it!

And if you have time go check out this Act in person when Lottie performs!

Want to learn burlesque? Click here to take classes with Lottie! 

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