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Temptress Tuesday – Ruby Whipstitch


      Ruby Whipstitch is new comer to the Richmond Burlesque Scene and she is already creating a stir with her vivacious curves, fun loving personality and badass costuming skills. Here’s what she had to say about hanging out with us for our Temptress Tuesday Series!


“I’ve always been happier with my clothes off than with them on. So it’s no surprise that Mari and Pink Photography have become one of my favorite collaborators. Her work speaks for itself as you can see, but what will bring me back to Pink & Mari over and over again is the experience. Mari is a true collaborator with a sure hand and a keen artistic eye. When I know what I want she makes it look better than I expected. When I am unsure of how to present a look she always has a good idea…or six. I am astonished and giddy every time she shows me a shot! My birthday suit is my favorite suit, and Mari can photograph it any time any where.



However, I am a six foot tall viking amazon who exists in varying states of curves and chubbiness (a word I’m thoroughly fond of). I have been told by every form of osmosis for my entire life that I should be most comfortable in two pairs of spanx, and lots of distracting layers so people, particularly myself, won’t have to acknowledge my curves, my pudge, my jiggle, or any other part of my body. I certainly shouldn’t be performing and celebrating on stage wearing little more than a few rhinestones and a tassel or two. Turns out the osmosis was wrong. This year I’m officially calling bull on the whole thing.



Bull on the layers (unless I’m taking them off). Bull on the spanx(unless my ass is receiving them). Bull on treating my body like an inconvenience to myself and others. I can celebrate and entertain with this curvy, chubby, enormously tall body and for that experience I am continuously and overwhelmingly grateful. If one person walks away from my performance feeling a touch of the confidence I have received from watching the work of other burlesquers, I will be humbled and glowing.



My venture into burlesque has been a joyous, introspective, and scantily clad adventure and I am very grateful to Pink Photography for capturing that so beautifully in this shoot! Smile at yourself in the mirror. Love your own and other bodies for what they are. And if you like, come out to a burlesque show and celebrate with me!”



Ruby Whipstitch can be in various corners of social media

Instagram: @rubywhipstitch




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