Temptress Tuesday – Couples Edition

IMG_9032-2             These two had some massive chemistry which makes this set so much more fun! I love being inspired shooting in a different environment. This shoot really pushed me in my realm of creatively making  a normal space super abnormal. Well Mike being his space age self had some stellar lighting to provide, that changed colors by a simple app in your phone! So with us three, a space age light, a lush bath bomb, some healing crystals, we created a sexy set outta this world set for your viewing pleasure!


Charli and Mike shared their experience working Ash (Resident Badass Photographer and Owner of Pink) and why this shoot meant so much to them!


“This is Magic Mike, he’s a cancer survivor and a kindred spirit close to my heart. After cheating death, undergoing chemotherapy, and other rigorous treatments, it left him feeling less of himself. So I decided I wanted to book a couples boudoir session with Ashley, whom has sick photography skills to help me show Mike and the world how I see him.  It was such a beautiful experience being able to connect with him. That these insecurities are not real that his strength, his smile, his light, what makes him beautiful to me along with that gorgeous body 😉  This was my favorite shoot to date for so many reasons. I’m so grateful for this experience, for having such beautiful friends inside and out. Thank you thank you thank you Ash! This will forever be memorable!”- Charlie


“When Katana (Charlie) asked me to do the shoot I was questioning the scenario, because I have never done boudoir before. Knowing this was all feelings of insecurity, I trusted her and went with the flow. I’m glad I listened to my gut feeling did the shoot. Char is so special, she has an eye for material matter. She knows what goes with what and makes me feel comfortable with her down to earth playful energy. After admiring Char’s modeling photos for years, I felt thrilled to be apart of my dream come true with the girl of my dreams. We complement each other well. We are swirling ying yang.” – Michael


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Temptress Tuesday – Biker Babe

       Enjoli and I have been writing each-other for a month or two prior to her session, and saying she was excited would be an understatement.
      This girl was stoked to work with us and we couldn’t wait to work with her.  She was super upbeat energetic and full of sass. This session was a lot of fun and very much and exciting collaborative effort. This set is sure to entice 🙂
     “My experience  at Pink Photography was awesome! Feeling good from the inside and out! this shoot gave me a NEW life! Having the opportunity to work with such a great team of ladies, they brought out my sensual side. The prints were amazing and a great gift! ” Enjoli , Pink Client

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Temptress Tuesday – Ruby Whipstitch


      Ruby Whipstitch is new comer to the Richmond Burlesque Scene and she is already creating a stir with her vivacious curves, fun loving personality and badass costuming skills. Here’s what she had to say about hanging out with us for our Temptress Tuesday Series!


“I’ve always been happier with my clothes off than with them on. So it’s no surprise that Mari and Pink Photography have become one of my favorite collaborators. Her work speaks for itself as you can see, but what will bring me back to Pink & Mari over and over again is the experience. Mari is a true collaborator with a sure hand and a keen artistic eye. When I know what I want she makes it look better than I expected. When I am unsure of how to present a look she always has a good idea…or six. I am astonished and giddy every time she shows me a shot! My birthday suit is my favorite suit, and Mari can photograph it any time any where.



However, I am a six foot tall viking amazon who exists in varying states of curves and chubbiness (a word I’m thoroughly fond of). I have been told by every form of osmosis for my entire life that I should be most comfortable in two pairs of spanx, and lots of distracting layers so people, particularly myself, won’t have to acknowledge my curves, my pudge, my jiggle, or any other part of my body. I certainly shouldn’t be performing and celebrating on stage wearing little more than a few rhinestones and a tassel or two. Turns out the osmosis was wrong. This year I’m officially calling bull on the whole thing.



Bull on the layers (unless I’m taking them off). Bull on the spanx(unless my ass is receiving them). Bull on treating my body like an inconvenience to myself and others. I can celebrate and entertain with this curvy, chubby, enormously tall body and for that experience I am continuously and overwhelmingly grateful. If one person walks away from my performance feeling a touch of the confidence I have received from watching the work of other burlesquers, I will be humbled and glowing.



My venture into burlesque has been a joyous, introspective, and scantily clad adventure and I am very grateful to Pink Photography for capturing that so beautifully in this shoot! Smile at yourself in the mirror. Love your own and other bodies for what they are. And if you like, come out to a burlesque show and celebrate with me!”



Ruby Whipstitch can be in various corners of social media

Instagram: @rubywhipstitch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruby.whipstitch

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user56474175


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Temptress Tuesday – Desert Vixen

IMG_1636-2                  Temptress Tuesday- Desert Vixen- Michelle – Anyone who knows me personally knows my love for California, the desert, and stoner rock music. I have acquired amazing friends over the years who share this same lust for the desert, music, and californication that I do.


A couple weeks ago I had the awesome pleasure of doing a boudoir shoot in Yucca Valley with the lovely Michelle. This was her first time doing a boudoir shoot and we catered it to her personality, she rocked a Mojave Lords T-shirt with the phrase “unfuckwithable”, and ended the night in beautiful see through overlay with a cool ass cage bra.


Michelle had a blast posing with Joshua trees hanging out in the desert , watching the night sky, and the amazing airbnb we stayed was killer with its antiques, swamp cooler, and creepy mannequins. This shoot was fit for a desert rocker themselves!



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Jammie 4-24-2016IMG_1801-2

LOCATION: Thunderbird Lodge and Retreat in Yucca Valley, CA

Temptress Tuesday – Tricia

IMG_8897Tricia is our Honorary first Client Temptress Tuesday! She decided to go with a sweet, whimsical feel to her session.
TriciaSo after this fun light-hearted session Tricia sat down to tell us about her experience with Ashley/Mari of Pink Photography.

           “Ashley made me feel sexier than I ever have before and gave me confidence I didn’t think I had. I had never done a boudoir shoot before, so I was nervous, but after seeing myself in her photos I could almost cry. This experience was phenomenal and I would do it over and over again if given the chance!” – Tricia, Client of Pink Photography and our first Client Temptress Tuesday!


IMG_8852 IMG_8856 IMG_8862 IMG_8865

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