Sunday Morning Vibes

IMG_6615IMG_6560             So I am IN LOVE, with this set I did with Kerrie! She ROCKED IT! It’s a more casual laid back boudoir session but that doesn’t in anyway take away from the sexy factor. Stepping into my “comfort zone” for this set we took in some cozy loungewear, and snuggled up on the couch.
IMG_6568IMG_6591                    What I love about our studio, that we can create such an environment to make our clients feel relaxed to get the best images possible. We set the scene, get you all dolled up and BAM! take some awesome shots. If you like this set, or are interested in collaborating to build your own! Email us today at to book your “Sunday Morning Vibes” shoot today!

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Don’t know if Boudoir is for you?

Gif by Artist PalinOptika

So I get a lot of clients who are super excited about booking a shoot, then all of a sudden after I send the hello email, and the questionnaire, they get cold feet.

I’ve heard every reason from I just need to lose these last ten pounds to my hair color isn’t right,etc. But I am here to tell you the secret to find out if you really are meant for a Boudoir Session, just answer these questions down here! (Answer Honestly Guys)

  1. Do you have a body?
  2. Do you want to feel good about yourself?
  3. Do you like to have fun?

Well if you answered YES to these questions then, YOU ARE SO READY for a boudoir session! Boudoir, is for EVERYONE (over the age of 18 of course), skinny, tall, curvy, young, old, any race, gender, and sexual orientation. It shows you, how beautiful or handsome truly you are! It is meant to be empowering, helps you to accept your body, and self love (also to remind your significant other how lucky they are, or if you are single to remind yourself how fierce you truly are!).

This is Ashley/Mari whatever you would like to call me speaking here. I want you to know that I have been the insecure, need to lose ten pounds girl before. I’ve been the one who’s made the excuse to not get in front of the camera, because I was afraid of the outcome. I didn’t realize how unhealthy, it really was until I finally took the plunge and went in full steam ahead! Doing this for a living, I never understood why so many people, men and women, would get scared before a session, so I decided I needed to understand this by doing it myself. I booked a FULL NUDE session YES FULL NUDE, artsy boudoir session with an amazing Artist PalinOptika (, because let’s be real here if I am going to do this right I am going to go all out.

Photos by Artist PalinOptika

So I show up for my shoot, hair & makeup already done before I got there and that is when the nerves kicked in. I was about to be in front of a complete stranger showing all of me, we had corresponded through email a few times, he came highly regarded by good friends of mine so I knew I was in safe hands, but I wasn’t worried about him, I was worried about me. Was I going to hate what he saw through that lens? I had gained a whopping 90lbs in the past year and had grown really insecure with my body, Andy (ArtistPalinOptika) didn’t know that but I did. All I could think about is how fat, I am and if he’s gonna think I’m fat, blah blah blah. You know the always evil devil on your shoulder. I wanted to get back into the car, and drive home, to forget this crazy plan I had to do this shoot. Alas, Andy came to greet me, the air changed, he was so open, relaxed, and totally cool. Perk of working with a photographer, when you are one is you get gear envy and talk shop, so for the fact that I was fully naked didn’t matter at all. We laughed, shared stories, he was so body positive, inviting, and patient with all of my insecurities. After the session, we said our goodbyes, headed home, living off the euphoric high and feeling down right awesome. A couple weeks later I get the email with my images, and I was in a state of shock. For a second I thought he sent me someone else’s! I was like damn, who’s that sexy lady?! Those 90 extra pounds did nothing to my self esteem when I saw what was coming out of that camera. We are our harshest critics, and sometimes it takes looking through someone else’s eyes to really appreciate who we are. So thank you Andy for that!

But back to what I was saying, I understood the insecurities and fears that are wrapped around the idea of being that vulnerable in front of the camera. I’m here to tell you don’t sweat it! You ate some pound cake the night before your session? NO problem come as you are and I know you are gonna be FABULOUS. Cat scratched your arm? We can get that out for you! We promote body positivity here, we love you how you are, and your lover does too! We are here to build you up not break you down! My whole view on this is, I want YOU to see YOU how I SEE YOU (I know that’s a lot of you’s!). I think everyone is beautiful and sometimes we get so caught up in what society wants us to be that we forget to be kind to ourselves. So Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here to tell you YOU ARE ALL SEXY BEAUTIFUL CREATURES! Come see us and we will show how AWESOME you really are! Also if you have time, go check out, he’s amazing creative man!

-love and light-

Ash/Mari 🙂Artist PalinOptika

Gif By Artist PalinOptika

2015 Year in Review

Hello Ladies and Gents!

This year for Sound Snap/ Pink Photography and myself personally has been a huge time for growth and learning.

Pink Photography is now owned by Sound Snap Photography LLC, which has been my freelance company for over six years, has now made the leap in to a LLC, along with that opening the studio, and going from just freelancing to running a studio has been a learning curve to say the least. But with the support of fellow colleagues, family and friends we have made the most of it.

So many changes and boosts to my career, starting off my first full year sub-contracting with another photography company, taking over the Pink studio in March, working for iHeart Radio with XL 102, collaborating with other photographers, making new connections,it has been year of challenges and change. Which I am continuously living in gratitude for. I never been pushed so hard to better myself then I have this year, and though things never work out completely perfect I see that everything happens in it own time. Right now I really want to thank the people who have made this possible for all this goodness in my life right now.

Thank you to Josh Jackson, Jennie Wood, Kevin “Elvis” Hulse, with out the meeting and team work with you guys Pink transition wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you to Robert Fluty for trusting in believing in my talents to further my career and help me network in Vegas and Los Angeles.

My new friend and colleague Justin Sellers of iCosplay Magazine/JusCos Photography, for reaching out to me and wanting to work together and the support you’ve given me!

To Scarlet Starlet, Sarah Nielson, The Perfect Sin, Lily Liqueur, Brynna Raine, Empress De Naste, Bell German, Lilly Von Grimm, and the other awesome models that have helped me with making beautiful art this year.

To my badass Assistant Phen Bowman for working with my scatterbrained self to keep this office running in the right direction, and having patience with me!

Ashlie, thank you for your words of encouragement, the supportiveness and eagerness to learn I can’t wait for your internship to start next year!

Abby, thank you for being an awesome friend and helping with the boudoir parties and other assorted needs of the studio!

Aimee thank you for being the coolest studio neighbor and playing awesome music for me and the clients to jam to!

Bryan, I’ve always looked up to not only as a friend but as a brother and you’ve always been supportive of whatever I set out to do. You have been one of the most influential people in my life and I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have you in my life, from spending countless hours helping me with shoots, organizing, and building sets for the studio, to just being there for me when I needed a vent. Thanks brother.

Barbara, you are my awesome PIC and I am happy to call you my studio buddy. We have know each other a couple years now and our friendship keeps budding, thanks for always having my back love you woman.

Lauren Elle, even though you are miles away you have no idea how much your opinion and growing support for my talent has meant. I always have looked up to and the countless nights we’ve stayed up face-timing and editing have been some of the best. Were so in sync mentally and its great that even when the world doesn’t get us we do. I can’t wait for us to grow old together!

Ken Penn- I am so glad we met at the show this year and that we have a budding friendship, you are so cool and I can’t wait to see what we can work on together in 2016!!!!

Leo- My trusted pup and best friend, I would have forgotten to love if it weren’t for you being by my side, love you my furry companion.

My significant other, even though were only a few months in I am so thankful to have you, I didn’t think my heart could skip a beat again till I met you, thank you for helping to always want to be a better version of myself!

Steffanie, so excited to see what our partnership brings for us in 2016 Pretty In Ink Productions and Sound Snap TEAM UP!

Burlesque Community- though I did not perform this year, I have still been a steady companion in the scene from shooting shows and hanging out, I am so glad to be friends with all you beautiful people!

Sticky Rice- been a pleasure working with you guys and your Sushi is Awesome!

The National- Paul you are always sweet to me and I thank you for being so awesome, Zach thanks for always taking care of me! And the rest of the crew there I always love working with you guys!

XL 102 Crew Nikki, Fletcher, Steffanie, Tamo, Brett, Adam, Rebecca, and everyone else, it has been such a pleasure getting in to radio again, how I missed the MUSIC and PEOPLE! Thank you for believing in me and giving me so many amazing opportunities to meet such talented people and sharing my gift with the world, can’t wait to see what we do with 2016!!!

Eagles of Death Metal, Jesse, Matt, Jeff, Davey Jo, Julian, Josh,Shawn, and rest of the crew, getting to follow ya’ll around the country, dance, drink, and take pictures has been a blast! I am so glad we have these friendships now and that we see more of each other next year, I know it’s been a rough end for you guys with the Bataclan and everything, but you have my love and full support <3

QOTSA Family, the fan group I’ve been apart of for almost 4 years now, last year was a blast when we all met up but man this year has been amazing, from us working together to support each other through our rough patches and enjoying the music, to finding our lost brothers and sisters after the shooting at the Bataclan, to raising money for the victims, making the video for the band to show our love! Personally all of you trying to help raise money for me to go after my dream of photographing our Favorite band, which even though it didn’t happen we donated that money to the SWEET STUFF Foundation. I love you all the time 🙂

To my fellow Photographers, Robert Escue, Artist PalinOptika, Gabe Vazquez, Justin Townsend, Nikki Byrum, Chrystal Olivero, Sean Dewitt, Paul Murphy, Anjie Kay, Bailey Glasscock, Richard Bailey, TD Wehle, Warren Halstead, and all the other awesome photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with this past year, I hope to work with you all more in the coming year to make some more MAGIC!

Richmond Weddings, for writing that awesome piece on us!

To my friends, family, colleagues, fans, clients, roommates, and anyone else. THANK YOU! With out all of you I wouldn’t be here! This has been a long journey for me and if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have so thank you! I didn’t think I could find as much love as I have with all of you, with your outpouring support, your all beautiful and I can’t wait to work with ya’ll next year!

2016 is going to be another Badass year and even more successful then the last so much change and progression, I’m ready for it!!! Let’s make this the best year it can be!

The next few days Phen and I will be working together to come with a game plan of how to take on the new year! We will also be starting a lot of new projects and if any one has questions or Ideas on how we can make Pink and Sound Snap better shoot us an email we’d love to hear what you think!

Email us at

So with this all being said you I wish you all a safe and happy New Year! We will see you all next year!

Tonight I will be at the National with XL 102 and GWAR so I am prepared to bring in the NEW YEAR RIGHT! Love to you all!



and The Team at Pink 🙂

New Management!

Dearest Friends & Clients,

We at Pink Photography (and our sister studio Sound Snap Photography) are excited to announce that we are now under new ownership! Photographer Ashley Loth has gone from staff to owner and is excited to share this exciting time with all of you. That said, things are hectic here at Pink, so please forgive us as we get changed over to a new system and sort through our to-do list.

Being a boudoir studio, we of course recognize the intimate and personal nature of your photos and want to assure you from the get-go that all of your information and images are 100% secure and locked away from prying eyes. And now, for the big introduction!

Ashley Loth, born and raised in Richmond, VA, has been doing photography for 6 years, starting at Sound Snap Photography in 2009. Her past credentials include being a staff photographer for popular radio station XL-102 and one of the top photographers for Richmond’s thriving burlesque and cabaret scene. Embracing every interaction as a new friendship, Ashley loves photographing and empowering clients through encouraging them put aside insecurities about age, body-type, gender identity, etc. Her (exceedingly handsome) pup Leo can often be found frolicking through the studio and has a natural talent for putting all of her clients at ease.

We are so thrilled for this change and cannot wait to bring you all more updates!

The Team at Pink